White Rabbits Arts Residency 2019

 Call for Submissions

White Rabbit is a 7-day interdisciplinary artist’s residency taking place at the Red Clay Art Farm, set on the edge of the Bay of Fundy in Economy, Nova Scotia. Artists in residence are invited to wander through Red Clay’s orchards, stream beds, forests, hills, meadows, and shorelines to make their work in whichever location they are most drawn to. White Rabbit emphasizes process, encouraging artists to treat their work as a malleable, living thing, taking shape in response to the land and the residency’s annual theme. 


Worlding is to unfold a future from a chosen present and storied past. 

This year, White Rabbit calls on you to explore new ecologies, creatures and critters, societies, ontologies, ways of reframing, unshaming, thing-naming, reclaiming. Worlding is a becoming of the imagined through story, belief, simulation, and care. Bring us your artifacts, lead us to your portals... Red Clay is a place for your worlds to unfurl. 

Worlding is a loose jumping off point for a project. Artists of all practices are encouraged to apply; textiles, dance, theatre, ceramics, paint, poetry, philosophy, audio, projection, film, performance, you-name-it. The most important thing is a willingness to engage with the land and other artists, developing a conversation between your process and chosen site. Worlding particularly encourages installation work intended for interaction; work that defines a world to be entered, transformed, considered, or manifested. 


White Rabbit Residency: August 9th - 16th 

White Rabbit Festival: August 17th - 18th 


Red Clay Farm, Upper Economy, Nova Scotia 


The fee is $390. This includes meals and camping or cabin accommodations during the residency.  Cabin space is limited. Residents must bring their own camping equipment.  

Bursaries available pending confirmation of funding.  Please include a statement of your financial position and any relevant details if you would like to be considered for a bursary. 

Application Due Date 

Interested artists should submit the following by April 30, 2019 at 11:59pm

1. A brief description (max 1 page) of your proposed project while at White Rabbit Artists Residency. Please include your general idea, a materials list, and any tools that you will need. We encourage projects that are harmonious with the environment and the use of onsite materials, including Red Clay’s grasses, berries, wood, clay, etc. 

2. A brief artist statement outlining your current practice, previous work, and medium(s) 

3. A brief bio including your current place of residence. 

Submissions should be sent by email to whiterabbitarts@gmail.com  with subject line: “Residency Application 2019”.